Categorisation & classification

Gain a deeper understanding of how your customers spend, save and earn through categorised bank transactions.

Cut through the noise of a bank statement

Transactions categorised in to<80 categories for clear and easy credit risk assessment. Including: subscriptions, rent, mortgage, gambling, loans and more.  

Better quality data. Better quality portfolio.

Lenders choose Atto for models trained specifically for credit risk; to bring colour to
data that was black and white.

80 categories

Atto categorises transaction data in to >80 categories that show you where a customer spends money, for example on rent, leisure, gambling etc.

11 classes

Payments are classified into 11 different classes that tell you how a customer spends their money, for example ATM, POS, recurring payments etc.

Credit & risk optimisation

We hold an average confidence score of over 90% when identifying debt management, gambling, and other key categories for risk decisions.

Accurate data

Open banking data comes directly from banks and financial institutions. The data is real-time, accurate, and impactful when making credit & risk decisions.

Continual updates

Atto's models are the best on the market for credit & risk decision makers - with a continuously updating supervised machine learning model.


Configure categories to align with your internal risk profile. Use the data to make quick and clear credit risk decisions across the lifecycle.

Use transaction data from any source

If you already have a data set, or access open banking data, plug in to Atto's categorisation engine and we'll return the categorised data you need to make confident decisions.

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Atto's platform gives you all the tools you need to capture consent, access transaction data and view detailed insights on your customer's financial behaviours.