SME financial health

Get the full picture of an SMEs cashflow and financial situation with a view on balance trend changes.

Understand the financial heartbeat of an SME

Call Atto's SME financial health API to see all of the money coming in and out of a business. Instantly discover what a business earns, spends an saves over a selected period of time.

Better quality data. Better quality portfolio.

Lenders choose Atto to fill the gaps in their assessment process; to bring colour to data that was black and white.

Total credit amount

Identify the total inflow to the account for up to 365 days. See the value of all credit transactions alongside the total number of transactions.

Total debit amount

Identify the total outflows from the account for up to 365 days. See the value of all debit transactions alongside the total number of transactions.

Credits and debits average

View the average difference between daily credit amount and daily debit amount over the selected period of time.

End of day balance (EODB)

Understand an SMEs cashflow with a complete view of EODB. View EODB highest and lowest value, alongside EODB consistency and variability.

Accurate data

Open banking data comes directly from banks and financial institutions. The data is real-time and incorruptible.

365 days of data

Get a comprehensive view an SMEs cashflow over a period of 365 days, with the ability to refresh for a further 90 days.

Use transaction data from any source

If you already have a data set, or access open banking data, plug in to our SME financial engine and we'll return the data you need to make confident decisions.

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Atto's platform gives you all the tools you need to capture consent, access transaction data and view detailed insights on your customer's financial behaviours.