Income verification

Accurately confirm your customer's income in seconds with Atto's income verification engine.

View income in real-time

Access all the data you need on a customer's income to make the most informed credit risk decisions across the entire lifecycle.

More income data. Better decisions.

Lenders choose Atto to fill the gaps in their income assessment process; to bring colour to data that was black and white.

Calculate income

Atto's calculated income figure uses a unique set of algorithms, so you can quickly verify how much your customer earns.

Confidence score

Atto's confidence score help you understand the variance and stability of the customer's earnings each month.

Income streams

Get visibility of your customer’s income across all income streams, whether it’s salaried wages, freelance earnings or benefits.

Income filtering

Atto's filtering tools allow you to easily view scores for each income stream and determine which are appropriate for your decision.

365 days of data

Get a comprehensive view on your customer's income with access to data from the previous 365 days, with the ability to refresh for a further 90 days.

Benefits & support

View income from benefits & support payments alongside other income sources. Select the income streams that are in line with your risk appetite.

Use transaction data from any source

Input transaction data from any source. If you already have a data set, or currently access open banking data, plug in to our income verification engine and we'll return the income data you need to make confident decisions.

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Atto's platform gives you all the tools you need to capture consent, access transaction data and view detailed insights on your customer's financial behaviours.