Understand how much your customers can repay each month.

For accurate affordability decisions

Atto's affordability engine uses income verification and categorisation to quickly identify a customer's income, spend and non-discretionary spend.

More informed lending than ever before

Understand your customers' repayment potential in seconds with Atto's affordability insights.

Income verification

Atto's income verification tool presents an individual's income, reporting on confidence, reliability and the income streams.


Get an affordability figure for each customer to assess how much they can afford to repay based
on their income and expenses.

Fixed vs flexible spend

Fixed costs, such as rent and credit card repayments, and flexible costs, such as retail and holidays, can be aligned to your risk appetite.

Accurate data

Open banking data comes directly from banks
and financial institutions. The data is real-time, categorised accurately and incorruptible.

SFS categorisation

We use the categories from the Standard Financial Statement to help you understand affordability while remaining compliant with the FCA standards.

Credit commitments

Identify your customer's total credit commitments using the affordability report to help identify potential over indebtedness.

Use transaction data from any source

If you already have a data set, or access open banking data, plug in to our affordability engine and we'll return the data you need to make confident decisions.

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Atto's platform gives you all the tools you need to capture consent, access transaction data and view detailed insights on your customer's financial behaviours.