A guided user-interface to capture consent, verify and connect to bank accounts, and share transaction data.

A seamless, low integration interface

Connect is our user-facing widget, where your customers select their bank, and consent to sharing data from their chosen accounts.

The end-user interface can be placed in existing customer journeys or used as a standalone web app.

Better quality data. Better quality portfolio.

Lenders choose Atto to fill the gaps in their traditional prediction models; to bring colour to data that was black and white.

30 second journey

Your customers can consent to data sharing, and provide direct data access to their bank transactions, in a 30 second user journey.

Supports 13,000+

We support bank connections in over 45+ counties. By empowering you to connect to 13,000+ banks, you can grow your business and reach more customers.

Modernise UX

With our leading UX design you’ll provide an easy, guided user experience that satisfies your customer and increases conversion.

Standalone web application

Embed the connect button in your existing page or app, or use one of our hosted landing pages and add the link to your existing flow.

Real-time data

Customers consent to share their data directly from banks. The data is real-time, accurate, and easy to view with our suite of insights and tools.

12 months of data

Open banking connections give you access to up to 12 months of transaction data. The customer consents can also be refreshed for a further 90 days.