Use cases

With Atto, make better risk decisions across the entire customer lifecycle.

Risk modelling

Predictive models built using traditional data sources don't always give a holistic view of the applicant. This can be challenging when assessing credit risk.

Transaction data can be used to build more accurate and dynamic models, with a comprehensive set of variables brought together to generate a single or suite of scores.

Origination & onboarding

To offer personalised products and services at the onboarding stage, businesses need to understand their customer's financial circumstances.

Typically this process starts by requesting a PDF statement from the customer. Bank transactions are then manually categorised to understand how and where the customer spends their money and their creditworthiness.

Atto, takes this lengthy process, and slashes it down to seconds, giving risk assessors all the data need. Instantly.

Bank account verification

Businesses need to ensure that the people, merchants, or companies that they are paying are the correct ones.

In industries where fraud presents a high risk to revenue, verifying a customer's account ownership has never been more important.

With open banking connections, Atto instantly verifies the person you're talking to is the person your paying.

Credit risk decisioning

Historically credit risk decisions have been made on self-declared information provided by the customer and information from credit reference agencies.

While decisions can be made, underwriters often lack the comprehensive, real-time view they need to make confident decisions.

Atto's suite of scores and insights are built with real-time transaction data, giving risk managers everything the need to know about their prospective customers in a matter seconds.

Portfolio risk management

Risk managers need the most accurate data to keep their portfolios healthy and provide a personalised service to their customer.

Understanding their customers' buying behaviours, financial health, and unique requirements, helps drive the lifetime value of each individual customer and reduces churn across the portfolio.

Collection & recoveries

Collections & recoveries teams need to understand their customer's financial profile to make informed decisions on when and how much to collect.

This process is manually intensive and often requires multiple phone calls, with each customer submitting PDF statements and self-declare data.

Enter Atto. With a suite of insights to assess a customer's financial health, agents can quickly attain a view of each customer's profile to help rehabilitate and optimise recoveries.