Atto and KubeMoney forge new embedded lending solutions

Atto and KubeMoney partner for innovative open banking solutions, enhancing credit decisions and simplifying lending for SMBs and individuals.
Published on
December 11, 2023
Finance & Fintech

Atto, known for its expertise in credit and risk decisions through open banking, has unveiled a fresh collaboration with KubeMoney, a leading fintech specialising in open banking-driven risk insights and lending platforms.

With Atto's open banking API seamlessly integrated into KubeMoney's platform, lending partners can now access real-time financial data from their applicants. The resulting insights provide a holistic evaluation of creditworthiness, significantly enhancing the current capabilities available to lenders.

In their joint effort, Atto's and KubeMoney aim to simplify and improve the borrowing experience for individuals and small businesses in the UK and beyond. This partnership promises faster and more straightforward processes for those seeking loans, while also enabling lenders, digital platforms, and non-financial brands to make precise decisions about their customers’ credit risk.

Chris Mills, CEO of Atto, expressed excitement about the partnership:

We are thrilled to announce our agreement with KubeMoney. Our mission is to streamline every stage of the traditional credit risk lifecycle, and this partnership is another step in that direction.

Through our work with KubeMoney we’re optimising the embedded lending process with truly intelligent data, making the whole journey more user-friendly and lightning fast for brands and digital platforms.

Gazi Yar Mohammed, Director of KubeMoney, added:

The collaboration with Atto signifies a pivotal moment for KubeMoney. This partnership will enable SMBs and individuals to unleash the power of open banking and have seamless access to credit from lending partners and credit brokers.

The launch of this partnership between Atto and KubeMoney marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of embedded lending, offering innovative and user-centric solutions for financial and non-financial organisations.

About Atto

Atto is a leading open banking provider specialising in credit and risk decisions. Using open banking data, Atto equips global organisations with insights to fuel business growth and mitigate risk.

Through the extraction of critical insights such as credit scores, affordability, income, and financial health, Atto gives organisations a comprehensive understanding of individuals and businesses' financial profiles. These insights are instrumental in making better informed decisions regarding creditworthiness, portfolio management and risk assessment.

About KubeMoney

KubeMoney is a fintech company focused on embedded lending, specialising in open banking-driven affordability scoring, risk infra and digital lending platform. KubeMoney’s mission is to enable lenders to provide a seamless borrowing experience for both SMBs and individuals.

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