DirectID becomes Atto: shaping the future of credit scoring

DirectID takes a significant step forward by introducing its new identity, Atto, signalling a decisive shift into the realm of credit scoring and predictive modelling.
Published on
March 20, 2024
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A practical approach to foresight

Atto’s mission is to create a more predictable future for lenders. The company is founded on the belief that accurate foresight demands a holistic understanding of spending, saving, and earning behaviours.  

"Atto transforms traditional predictive models into dynamic, real-time machines capable of anticipating the evolving profiles of customers, stated Clare McCaffery, Chief Commercial Officer

"That’s why our insights and models are built on precisely categorised transactional data; so, decision makers can make more accurate credit risk judgements than ever before."

What's new?

Key elements of the rebrand include a refreshed visual identity, a vibrant colour palette, and a refined tone of voice that captures the essence of Atto's ethos: precision, foresight, and security. These elements are designed to communicate Atto's unique value proposition and differentiate the brand in the marketplace.

“As we went through the creative process, we knew that communicating a sense of speed, precision and foresight was crucial to achieving a visual representation of Atto. That’s why we proudly launch our new visual identity; it represents the agile nature of the business as we bring colour to black and white data.” Caterina Ponsicchi, Head of Marketing.

From the past to the future, with Atto

This moment marks the start of a new era in the credit risk industry, where insights and scores are built on data sources that are real-time, accurate and forward-looking.

The company invites stakeholders to join in this exciting venture as Atto continue to push the boundaries of credit risk decisioning.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Caterina Ponsicchi

Head of Marketing

About Atto

Atto takes the lead with a clear mission, to shape a more predictable future for lenders. Using real-time bank transaction data, Atto delivers a suite of predictive models to empower risk management.

Atto offers a range of insights that gives risk managers a detailed view of customer spending, saving, and earning. This added level of understanding enhances credit risk assessment and promotes a more compliant lending environment.

Providing accurate foresight lies at the heart of Atto's values. By leveraging current financial information, consumers are more likely to receive equitable treatment, whilst businesses gain the tools to make more informed and appropriate lending decisions.

With innovation in data science at its core, Atto paves the way for a future where complex decisions can be made in real-time with impossibly recent data.

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