Atto soars to the top of the credit & risk space, unveiling a slick new visual identity

Atto launched a new website, branding and messaging to support status as the leading open banking provider to the credit & risk space.
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July 21, 2022
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Atto takes another leap forward in their year-on-year growth, launching a new website and unveiling a refreshed visual identity.

Scotland-born fintech, Atto, has always been at the forefront of open banking technology and are the earliest pioneers in the space. They rallied to the UK government for the launch of PSD2 - the world’s first open banking programme. The fintech then went on to build the first open banking integration in the world. Now, Atto has attained super-aggregator status with 13,000+ connections in 45+ countries across the globe – providing the highest coverage in the market.

The leadership team have been working with credit & risk data for over a decade and have more than 100 years of combined experience in senior roles at organisations such as FICO, Experian & TransUnion.

Atto have brought open banking technology to some of the world’s biggest brands. Their partnership wall hosts logos from the likes of Deliveroo, XE, Nasdaq, Target, and many more. The new visual identity reflects their status as the leading provider of open banking data to the credit & risk space.

Atto recruited Edinburgh-based maclean creative agency to launch an exciting, fresh technology brand that pays homage to the experience and specialist knowledge contained within the team.

The branding, visuals & messaging can be found on the new website at

The rebrand launch is another marker of the growth of open banking technology in the credit & risk space.

James Varga, Founder & CEO, said:

In the last few years we have seen an exponential growth in the use of open banking data and I, personally, am proud to be at the forefront of this movement having lobbied to the government for PSD2. The last few years have been a real catalyst for change and highlighted how essential real-time credit and risk data is to decision makers.

With the current economic pressures, we are seeing demand for alternative data continue to grow and Atto is set to reach a new peak in terms of revenues and market share. I am proud of our accomplishments, our new visual identity, and of our role in driving open banking data in to a global trend - putting our data at the heart of advanced credit & risk decisioning.

Clare McCaffery, Chief Commercial Officer, said:

Having worked in credit & risk for > 20 years, and with alternative data for the past 12, I immediately recognised the potential within Atto.

Open banking fills a critical gap for decision makers who struggle to risk assess consumers with limited credit history and is proven to provide significant uplift to predictive models in both consumer and SME risk. This visual refresh and new website reflects Atto’s focus on providing advanced data for risk decisioning, data for a new generation of consumers.

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