Atto sign AX as a customer

Atto have signed AX as a customer. AX will use Atto's affordability assessments to better understand their customers.
Published on
April 13, 2021
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Atto has announced that it has signed AX as a customer.

AX will be utilising Atto to illustrate customer’s affordability following car accidents and car hire. Currently, credit hire organisations have a challenge in getting bank statements from customers to prove affordability. Atto can provide this through Open Banking.

AX offer a range of services including; accident management, brokerage, credit solutions, replacement vehicles and repairs.

Atto’s solution will connect an individual’s bank account through our Open Banking APIs and present the transactions in a way that will confirm if the individual could afford to pay the costs of a claim upfront.

Atto has connections with over 13,000 banks across 65 countries across the world. Atto is currently utilised by over thirty major companies globally, including Best Egg, RBS, Standard Life Aberdeen and Xe. Atto is also prevalent within the credit hire sector with around 10 companies currently using Atto’s services.

Speaking on the agreement, Atto CEO, James Varga, commented:

We’re delighted to be working with AX. The CHO market is ripe for the use of Open Banking to provide evidence of income and affordability, and we’re very happy to be providing this to Accident Exchange.

Craig Budsworth, Legal Director for Credit Hire at AX, said:

In credit hire companies, we frequently need to be able to verify a customer’s affordability, and it’s great that Atto will be able to provide this for us.  The customer journey is much simpler than having to download individual statements and the graph presentation makes a compensator’s job easier to identify those customers who are impecunious.

Find out more information on Accident Exchange.

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